OIA Networks

  • City of Oulu has built an extensive network of twinning, foster and partner cities. In total, Oulu has a cooperation relationship with 16 cities on four continents.
  • City of Oulu and several companies and research institutions have been working closely together with the biggest city in Silicon Valley, San Jose, since the beginning of 21st century.
  • Oulu took part in Finland’s section at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China.
  • The newest opening in Japan is the cooperation agreement between Oulu and the City of Fujisawa. The cooperation focuses particularly on Living Lab activities.
  • In Manaus, Brazil, BusinessOulu cooperates with main local operators, such as Suframa.
  • For several years now, Oulu and the City of Sendai in Japan have worked closely together in the well-being and nanotechnology sectors.
  • In the nearby northern regions, Oulu’s network includes Boden, Luleå and Umeå in Sweden, Alta in Norway and Arkhangelsk and Petrozavodsk in Russia.
  • Oulu participates in the extensive cooperation in the Barents Region launched in 1993 through the regional committee of the Barents Regional Council.
  • Oulu takes part in the cooperation network of Bothnian Arc, which includes seven municipalities from Sweden and five sub-regions and one province around the Bothnian Bay from Finland.
  • Mai cooperates with Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, www.grli.org

OIA collaboration parties

Arctic Business Corridor, http://www.businesskitchen.fi/services/business-x-universities/arctic-business-corridor/

Avanto Accelerator, http://www.avantoaccelerator.com/

BioCenter Finland, www.biocenter.fi

Business Kitchen, www.businesskitchen.fi

BusinessOulu, www.businessoulu.com

City of Oulu, www.ouka.fi

Congress Calendar, Oulu, www.businessoulu.com/en/meeting-organizers/congress-calendar.html

Demola, http://www.demola.net/

ECHAlliance, www.echalliance.com

Estonian Healthtech Cluster, www.htcluster.eu

Game Spring Oulu, www.gamespringoulu.fi

Industry Summit, https://industrysummit.fi/

Micropolis, www.micropolis.fi

Midnight Pitch Fest, www.pitchfestoulu.com

Nornet, www.oulu.fi/nornet

Oullabs, www.oullabs.fi/en

Oulu Chamber of Commerce, www.oulu.chamber.fi/sivu/en

Oulu Game Lab, www.oamk.fi/oulugamelab

Oulu Mining School, www.oulumining.fi

Oulu School of Biomedical Engineering, www.bme.oulu.fi

Oulu Wellness Institute, www.owi.fi

OuluHealth, www.ouluhealth.fi

Pohjois-Pohjanmaan yrittäjät, www.yrittajat.fi/pohjoispohjanmaanyrittajat

Polar Bear Pitching, http://www.polarbearpitching.com/

Takomo, www.yritystakomo.fi

Tellus Innovation Arena, http://www.oulu.fi/tellusarena/

TeollisuusSummit, www.teollisuussummit.fi

Thule Institute, www.oulu.fi/thuleinstitute

Venturing Research Challenge, http://www.venturingresearchchallenge.com/

WiFiUs, www.oulu.fi/til/wifius