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» EUROSIM congress 2016, 12 - 16 September 2016, Oulu Finland



NEW STRATEGY 2016-2020

Oulu Innovation Alliance has renewed its strategy in 2015. Ouluinnovationalliance.fi information will be updated in becoming weeks with new information about the strategy for 2016-2020.

More info (in Finnish): http://www.businessoulu.com/fi/uutiset/oulun-tutkimus-kehitys-ja-innovaatiotoiminta-keskittyy-viiteen-toiminta-alueeseen.html



Oulu Innovation Alliance integrates top know-how from printed intelligence, wellbeing technology, cleantech and 3D internet and brings together research institutions, businesses and public sector organizations. OIA generates cutting-edge global business from research, development and innovation projects and ventures.

OIA ecosystems 2016-2020

Industry 2026 headed by University of Oulu –
Harri Haapasalo C, Pekka Tervonen DC

  • High added value bio and circular economy (SME -> high-growth company)
  • Regionally strong metal and machinery manufacture industries,
  • Energy industry and resource efficiency

OuluHealth headed by Oulu University Hospital –
Hannu Leskinen C, Noora Jansson DC

  • Individual.-oriented prophylactic health and wellbeinghyvinvointi
  • Effective and efficient social welfare and healthcare services and products
  • The smartest university hospital in the world

Northern City with Attractive Opportunities headed by City of Oulu –
Matti Matinheikki C

  • More enjoyable city centre – city centre expansion
  • Novel urban services and tourism
  • Interesting events and space solutions

Agile commercialization headed by Oulu University of Applied Sciences –
Jouko Isokangas C, Sami Niemelä, DC

  • Radical upgrade of sales competence, opening marketing data for startups
  • Building more significant entities
  • Activities to support other ecosystems

ICT and Digitalization headed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland –
Harri Koponen C, Heikki Ailisto DC

  • Collusion technology/customers, (including reverse pitching)
  • New participant Social and health sector ja financing ICT
  • 5G, Big data and industrial Internet to support other ecosystems

OIA Partners

City of Oulu http://www.ouka.fi/oulu/english/

University of Oulu http://www.oulu.fi/english/

Oulu University of Applied Sciences http://www.oamk.fi/english/

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland http://www.vttresearch.com/

Technopolis Plc http://www.technopolis.fi/en

The Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education (Osekk) http://www.osekk.fi/en/

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) http://www.luke.fi/en/

Oulu University Hospital (OYS) http://www.ppshp.fi/oulun_yliopistollinen_sairaala